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Day 1

Money secrets only 4% know

What you don't know about money costs you more than what you don’t have. If you got $10,000 now, what would become of it in a year? 80% would have nothing, 16% would have just over $10,000 and 4% would have between 2-100 times more. 

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Day 2

How I made USD$30,000 from Experiences

Creating experiences is an emerging market especially post pandemic. Discover how I developed an experience using my skill set.

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Day 3

Remote jobs from anywhere in the world

Having problems finding well paying jobs in your country? It’s one thing to have a side hustle that can grow into a main hustle, but what if you want one proper job that pays well from the jump?

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Day 4

Cooking with Kids

Learning to cook is a critical life skill. Involving kids in food prep also makes them better eaters. Join me and my 8yo as we demo some fun recipes for kids. Bring your kids!

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Day 5

“Meaty” Vegan dishes using real food

Everyone should add plants to their diet. Discover tips and tricks to make vegan and vegetarian dishes so you won’t miss the meat!

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I’m so happpy for you! Way to make things happen! Some people talk about doing things and some people do them!Kelsey’s strategies helped me get out of my own way and thrive!


-Julie N. 


Since I have started my mentorship program with Kari, my mindset about finance and generating wealth has shifted in the right direction. Wright all the financial challenges of Covid-19 my income has already increased by 60%. 

-Kim B,


I saw your launch! So proud of you!

-Dr. Linda G. Wallace

I like how you keep innovating.

-Gilner Dirksen

I love what you are doing for the culture.

-Lala Suggs

From Kari:

It takes a village to care. Let’s create one together


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